We thanked God for the life of Karol Kuzmány

We thanked God for the life of Karol Kuzmány

In Brezno, on Sunday, the 20th November 2016, was held a commemorative worship Service by the occasion of the 210th anniversary of birth and 150th anniversary of death Dr. Karol Kuzmány. He was an evangelical pastor, superintendent and first deputy chairman of Matica Slovenská.
The sermon of the words of God had the General Bishop of the ECAC in Slovakia Miloš Klátik. The worship service was held in last Sunday of the church year therefore in the beginning of his sermon he thanked to God for his mercy, love and blessing. In short he summarized the importance of personality Karol Kuzmány. He pointed out, that he was not only a poet, writer, translator, church dignitary, teacher and first deputy chairman of Matica Slovenská – he was one of the central personalities in religious, national and literary life in Slovakia in the 19th century, but he also was loving husband and father, who despite his busyness and lot of concern with responsibility he took care on an education of his six children. Through the God, honest faith in God and hope of expectance Lord´s coming he found in yourself enough strength to manage everything.

The word about the life and work of K. Kuzmány had prepared Daniela Miklošová. After sermon followed greetings. The mayor of the city Brezno Tomáš Abel expressed pride, that the city Brezno is connected with one of the important personality of Slovakia. He noted that the father of K. Kuzmány, evangelical pastor Ján Kuzmány, who worked here more than 40 years, made a contribution to build an evangelical church and his son Karol brought life into church through his liturgical songs. The Chairman of the Matica Slovenská Marián Tkáč paid tribute to Karol Kuzmány and to all Kuzmány generation. They had two attributes: they bravely burned for truth and for nation and they burned together. In this is Karol Kuzmány message for today: we need a courage and unity.

During the worship service had been sang songs from the Evangelical Hymnbook, mostly song which were composed by Karol Kuzmány.
After the service followed ceremonial act of laying a wreath the memorial panel of Karol Kuzmány at the evangelical parish office.

In the afternoon was prepared a programme called Life and work of Karol Kuzmány, on which worked members of local organization of Matica Slovenská. Part of the programme was also exhibition devoted to Karol Kuzmány, in space of foyer of City hall of culture, Brezno.

Photos: Stanislav Spáč a Milan Pivovarči

Live record from worship service held on the commemoration of Karol Kuzmány you can find on archive of the RTVS, attached link: http://www.rtvs.sk/televizia/archiv/10193/111379#5742

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