We Continue with Energy Management

From November 11 – 13, 2010, an energy management training session was held at the General Bishop´s Office of the Western and Eastern District in Prešov and Zvolen. The training was led by Eberhard Müller from the Partnership Church in Württemberg, whom General Bishop Miloš Klátik had invited to visit the General Bishop´s Office on November 9, 2010. A representative of the environmental institute of Andrej Vilin was also present at the training and he offered continuing cooperation with our Church.
The goal of the training, in which the commissioned delegates for our Church – brothers Radovan Gdovin and Horst Glatz - participated, was to inform interested persons from our church about how to implement energy management in the churches, since as Christians we are responsible not only for human life, but also for the care of all creation. Brother Eberhard Müller, who was accompanied to Slovakia by Sister Marcela Kmeťová, emphasized that to make energy management successful we need the help of all people. Afterwards, he gladly answered questions.
The Districtual Bishops - Bishop Slavomír Sabol in Prešov and Bishop Milan Krivda in Zvolen - spoke to the participants at the beginning of the training. They emphasized the theological interpretation of the protection of God´s creation.
Some of the participants also shared their experience with the transcription of energy data. At the end of the meetings in Prešov and in Zvolen, participants expressed their interest in continuing the work in this area.

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