Was held Constitutive General Assembly of the Association of the Slovak Evangelical Churches

Was held Constitutive General Assembly of the Association of the Slovak Evangelical Churches

The highest representatives of the Slovak Evangelicals from Serbia, from Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic and from Slovakia met at the Constitutive General Assembly of the Association of the Slovak Evangelical Churches from Slovakia and foreign countries, on the day July 6, 2016 under the one of the point of the program of the 5th Evangelical Church Days in Békéscsaba.
After the formally site was institutionalized cooperation of Slovak Evangelical Churches of the Augsburg Confession and units of the church organization.

The establishment of the Association was a next step into fulfilled past desire after communion of the Evangelicals scattered in the whole world. Communion in which they could regardless of political borders together confess belief in Triune God – as we had been taught by our fathers, grandfathers and all our ancestors, their message which we carry further for centuries.

In the spiritual sphere we were always together. Nevertheless, disfavor of destiny – wars and after wars orders, which changed and introduced between us one strictly, other times freely borders – we were connected through Kralická Biblia and Tranovský hymn book. We read the same Word, we sang the same songs and we prayed in Slovak language – begged, thanked and praised our heavenly Father for everything, what he created for us.

In working part of the meeting, General Bishop emphasized, that the Association is established for purpose to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ regardless to political borders of States, confess the faith in Triune God in Slovak language, testify about Him and strengthen in faith all people, which are applying to the Evangelical Augsburg Confession religion and Slovak roots.

The Association of the Slovak Evangelical Churches (ASEC) was created as a church organization according to church law of the Slovak Evangelical A. C. Church in Serbia, the seat in Nový Sad in Serbia. The Association covered on the spiritual field cooperation of the evangelical churches and units of the church organization of the evangelical churches, which belongs to the Augsburg Confession, has legal subjectivity and their worship language is Slovak.

The founder members of the Association approved Statute of the Association of the Slovak Evangelical Churches and elected Board of Trustees.

The Association is not a closed communion. In the meaning of Statute the full member of the Association can be also other church communities – Churches or Church organization units, which united/connected Slovak Evangelicals of the Augsburg Confession in particular State, which have legal subjectivity according to Church law in particular State. The Association is also open for the other community, which are without legal subjectivity, as a prayer community of Slovak believers, altar guilds, etc., which act by the local church congregations. They can ask for the Statute of the member – observer.

For support of the activity of the Association was announced collection (at the Opening Worship services at the 5th Evangelical Church Days). The collection was 1 198, 55 €, 109 305 HUF and 2 473 RSD; approximately 1 566 €. The collection helps on the start-up of the activities of the Association.

Photos: Edita Škodová

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