The Theological Conference of the ECAC 2016

The Theological Conference of the ECAC 2016

The Theological Conference of the ECAC in Slovakia was held since the 19th up to 21st October 2016 in spa hotel in Lúčky on the theme „Reformation“. More than 150 participants from Slovakia and abroad were attended.
The Conference was formally open by the General Bishop Miloš Klátik. He welcomed all participants and introduced distinguished guests from the Theological Faculty Charles University in Prague. He described an aim of the Conference, which was just held on the beginning of the anniversary of the Reformation. Therefore, the lectures and discussion were focused on the Emphasis of Reformation´s teaching and its theological implications for the present time.

During the Conference were going on morning and evening devotions. The opening and the closing devotions had Mgr. Daniel Ženatý, Synodal Senior of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren in Czech Republic.

The lectures and discussions
The expert theological lectures had theologians from the Theological Faculty of the Charles University in Prague and they answered on the asked questions:
- mult. Dr. h. c. prof. ThDr. Petr Pokorný, DrSc.: Sola scriptura and development of biblical sciences in Protestantism
- prof. ThDr. Ján Štefan: Justification of godless human being. Is depend on this article all, on what stands Evangelical Church in 21st century?
- doc. Jiří Mrázek, ThD.: A Specific explanation of pericope about the Good Samaritan and The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids in time of Reformation
- Ján Roskovec, ThD.: Reformation and Theology of John
- Dr. Pieter Morée: From heretic to martyr. Change of the attitude of Martin Luther to John Hus

The first evening of the Conference was devoted to the pastors, who have celebrated in year 2016 the anniversary of their ordination as an evangelical pastor.

Especially, the significant guest at the Conference was Dr. Alex Gehaz Malasusa, the Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania and Vice-president of the Lutheran World Federation for the Africa region. Together with General Bishop Miloš Klátik they work in the LWF Council. On Thursday evening he spoke about his Church, which is the second biggest Church in the world (after the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ethiopia). They have 6 million members, those, who are regularly attending at the worship services. We were acquainted with the history and structure of the Church, with their mission activities, mostly focus on families, youth and children, with their work with charismatic groups, lay people and the cooperation with Muslims. Brother Bishop Malasusa emphasized, that Christians should not waste their energy on the fight between themselves, but they have to fight together for the Gospel.

In Thursday afternoon is usually used as a time for free activities, as a conversation between pastors, especially between former schoolmates from the theological faculty, or some of them could visited Orava Castle and wooden articular church in Leštiny. The church in Leštiny is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In final discussion were given and answered last questions and was said the word of thank to lecturers, who came from Charles University. The General Bishop Klátik in his final words said, that the Conference fulfilled an aim to bring closer Reformation also from the Czech point of view.

Photos: Edita Škodová

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