The meeting of the Synod of the ECAC in Slovakia 2017

The meeting of the Synod of the ECAC in Slovakia 2017

On Friday and Saturday, 16th to 17th June 2017, the Synod of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia met on the regular meeting.
The Synod started with the Worship Service in Evangelical Church in Púchov. The members of the Synod and guests were welcome by the local pastor Lenka Rišiaňová. The senior of the Slovak Evangelical Lutheran Seniorate in Romania Ľudovít Andrej Bobčok, pastor in Vuková, was a distinguished preacher for this occasion. He brought greetings from the former natives now living in Romania. He preached on the text Jesus Stills the Storm (Matthew 8:23-27). He pointed out, that the Lord shows us the direction but it´s up to us, how we behave. He gave some questions: Do we row according to the Lord´s command? Do we row on the same boat and do we head to the same place? Only then the boat will be moving forward when we row by one direction, for the one purpose.

After sermon follow greeting of the guests - President of the Self-Governing Region of Trenčín Mr. Jaroslav Baška, director of the Church department of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic Mr. Ján Juran and Mayor of the city Púchov Mr. Ratsislav Henek. The General Bishop Miloš Klátik and the General Inspector Imrich Lukáč honoured President of the Self-Governing Region of Trenčín Mr. Jaroslav Baška by a commemorative medal for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The Worship Service was ended by a hymn A Mighty Fortress.

The meeting of the Synod of the ECAC 2017 was held in Nimnica, in a space of the spa house Salvator. During the meeting sounded different reports: fulfilling the resolutions of the Synod 2016, Reports for the year 2016 (Presidium of the ECAC; General Presbytery of the ECAC; Conference of Bishops of the ECAC in Slovakia) and reports of the different committees (dogmatic, liturgical, law, economic, school, mission, hymnology).

The Synod of the ECAC in Slovakia 2017 was held under the motto “Lord, to whom can we go?“ (John 6:68b). We ask merciful Lord, our God, that we all go in the right direction and in the right place – to Christ. Because “You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.”

Photos: Edita Škodová

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