200th anniversary of the birth J. M. Hurban

200th anniversary of the birth J. M. Hurban

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of J. M. Hurban took place churchwide commemoration celebration on September 17, Sunday, in the municipality of Hlboké in the Senica District. J. M. Hurban worked as an evangelical pastor in Hlboké from 1843 to 1888.
The celebration started with the Worship Service, which was broadcasted live on television. The solemn preacher at the service was the General Bishop Miloš Klátik.

The General Bishop Miloš Klátik preached on the bible text from 1 Thessalonians1:2-3. He mentioned that beside the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, which is celebrated in this year, for us, members of the Evangelical Church but also for our nation and state is very important the 200th anniversary of birth of J. M. Hurban. J. M. Hurban born in Beckov but the most of his working time he spent in Hlboké. „We should remember on him as an evangelical priest, superintendent, nationalist, politician, first chairman of the Slovak National Council, journalist, literary critic and writer. … The Word of God, The Gospel of Jesus Christ he announced by word and by his whole life. We have to perceive him as a person of an enormous energy, who was constantly active, dauntless, his strength came from strong faith and deep piety. Thanks be to God for him!” said General Bishop.

The President of the Self-Governing Region of Trnava Tibor Mikuš addressed gathering. He expressed the joy that he could attend at the Worship Service. The Self-Governing Region of Trnava devoted a whole year 2017 to J. M. Hurban and organized more then 300 events. He highlighted J. M. Hurban as a co-creator of firm fundament of Slovakia nation – Slovak language, as a man, who life and work are worth to celebrate, a personality, who should be an inspiration for the next generations in preserving our spiritual heritage, our culture and traditions.

After the Worship Service believers were gathered close to the Memorial of J. M. Hurban in front of the church. They paid tribute and thanks to our significant famous ancestor by laing down a wreaths.

Then they moved to the Memorial room of J. M. Hurban to reveal memorial plaque devoted to J. M. Hurban. The Mayor of the village Miloš Čobrda expressed pride to evangelical pastor and nationalist Hurban and thanked to the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and Self-Governing Region of Trnava for financial support in reconstruction of evangelical church building, memorial room, etc.

„Glory of the Nation is Worth the Sacrifice“
Jozef Miloslav Hurban

Photos: Edita Škodová