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20 years cooperations between Pastors Association in Thuringia and Evangelical Pastors Association ECAC in Slovakia

By the occasion 20. years anniversary between Pastors association in Thuringia and Pastors association in Slovakia was a ceremonial meeting in Germany – Quedlinburg, 28. and 29.september 2014. This meeting was attended by chairman Pastors Association in Slovakia – Jaroslav Matys and as a solemn preacher was invited General Bishop Miloš Klátik, he represented Evangelical church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovak Republic.


Mgr. Samuel Miško, secretary for foreign relations, ausland@ecav.sk | 4.11.2014


Encountering Slovak and German high school students in Prešov

Already 9 years are meet students from Evangelical High school in Prešov with students their partnership High school Friedrich Ludwig Jahn from German Grossengottern. Meetings are held every year in autumn, alternately in Prešov and in Grossengottern. In last days of 22. – 27. October 2014 hosted students from Prešov nine students a two teachers partnership school.


Andrea Hanzová  | 3.11.2014


Pastor exams 2014

At the General Bishop´s Office in Slovakia took a place pastor exams on 22nd October 2014. Succesfully completed and witness to the passing of the examination got these new pastors in Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia: Anna Balogová, Daniel Beňuch, Tatiana Beňuchová, Eva Guldanová, Marek Hrivňák, Branislav Kováč, Janka Kováčiková, Roman Roskoš, Peter Székely, Ondrej Šoltés, Ľuboš Vontorčík a Dušan Vaňko.


Mgr. Daniela Veselá, secretary for schools and religious education, skoly@ecav.sk | 29.10.2014


LWF Meeting of Council in Wittenberg

Lutheran World Federation Meeting of Council took place in Wittenberg in 6th October 2014. Our general Bishop Miloš Klátik participated in this meeting as a full member.


Mgr. Samuel Miško, secretary for foreign relations, ausland@ecav.sk | 22.10.2014


Study´s days Triple Alliance 2014

Study´s days of Triple Alliance took place in training center Cementár in Belušské Slatiny, 9.-11. october 2014. The host church was our Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession (ECAC) in Slovakia.


Mgr. Samuel Miško, secretary for foreign relations, ausland@ecav.sk | 16.10.2014


The International Conference Social Care Networking

Radoslav Gajdoš and Szilvia Buzalova, employee from headquarters of Evangelical Diaconia ECAC in Slovakia took part in The International Conference SoCareNet from 29th September to 2nd October 2014 in Neuendettelsau, Germany.


Radoslav Gajdoš, Evangelical Diaconia | 15.10.2014


International conference - 500th years of Reformation

International conference took place in Liebfrauenberg in France, 29.9. – 1.10.2014. The topic was Principles of the Reformation and Reformation Jubilee in a world ecumenism. The Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia was represented by pastors – Branislav Dolinský and Peter Krajcer. They elucidated participants about history of our Evangelical Church and preparing for the 500th anniversary of Reformation.


Branislav Dolinský a Peter Krajcer, ECAC in Slovakia  | 15.10.2014


From Theological Conference ECAC 2014

Since September 10th to 12th, 2014 was held Theological Conference ECAC in Slovakia and Association of Evangelical clergy ECAC in Slovakia in Žilina. The theme of Conference was Social and Ethic dimension of mission evangelical pastor, and also spoke about theme of coming 500. anniversary of Luther Reformation. During those days was attended at a conference more than 130 participants.


Edita Škodová, Štefan Kiss, General bishop´s office ECAC in Slovakia | 19.9.2014


Memorial Day for Victims of the Holocaust and Racial Violence

In 1941, a set of anti-Jewish laws went into effect in the Nazi wartime satellite Slovak Republic on September 9. Every year on this day, Slovakia commemorates its Holocaust victims. In October 2001, the Slovak parliament voted to make September 9 the Memorial Day for Victims of the Holocaust and Racial Violence, to not only commemorate Holocaust victims, but also to call on citizens to become actively engaged in fighting racism, xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination.


Edita Škodová, Secretary for Media and Communication, media@ecav.sk  | 12.9.2014


New Teachers from ELCA at our schools

From 17th to 22nd August 2014 was hold in Bratislava orientation course for 11 teachers from America (also Canada), which will be to teach in our evangelical schools in next academic year 2014/2015.


Lucia Martonová, secretary for foreign relations, foreign@ecav.sk | 9.9.2014


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